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Three locations:

        We are located in Toronto, Scarborough and Markham.


TORONTO     (Northwest corner of Spadina Avenue and Bloor Street)

344 Bloor Street West

Suite 609

Toronto, ON

Canada  M5S 3A7

      Hours of Operation:

      Monday to Friday                 10 am to 5:30 pm

      Saturday                                10 am to 4:00 pm

      Sunday                                  Closed


      Telephone Number:            (416) 925- 5556

MARKHAM  (by appointment ONLY, please call 416-925-5556)

43 Coppard Ave

Markham, ON

Canada  L3S 2L5

SCARBOROUGH    (Southeast corner of McCowan Rd & Nugget Ave)

55 Nugget Avenue

Suite 224

Scarborough, ON

Canada  M1S 3L1

      Hours of Operation:      (by appointment only)
      Monday to Saturday:    please call for appointment 416-925-5556



Telephone Number:                       (416) 925- 5556








                              (Criminal Record Check)  C.P.I.C.


CPIC is a reliable and an efficiency way to perform a police reference check for employment, volunteer, foreign work or visiting permits, rental, self-interest, etc.  It is also referred as police reference letter, police certificate, cpic check, name check or criminal record check.  The turnaround time is within hours and the original can be picked up or to be mailed to your residence.



FINGERPRINTING  SERVICES   (Digital or Ink & Roll)


We are accredited agency to perform digital or ink & roll fingerprinting.  The turnaround time for digital fingerprinting is greatly reduced for persons having clean record.  Ink & roll fingerprinting is required for some foreign countries' requirement.  The following fingerprinting can be performed:

- Adoption

- Citizenship

- Permanent residence & immigration

- Employment

- Government contracts and services

- Licencing

- Privacy act

- Record suspension (formerly pardon)

- U.S. waiver

- Visa

- Volunteer




Card Scan for oversea & outside Toronto clients converting ink fingerprints to digital fingerprints for RCMP processing.  Please call 416-925-5556 or e-mail getting the forms.  This process greatly reduces the time and effort to travel; you can have the fingerprinting report to be mailed to your distance residence.

Mobile service is available for groups of employees.  We will come to the work site to perform the tasks which would reduce the interruption of employees' work schedule. 

U.S. Waiver with full services available.  It is a  long tedious process to complete.  It is best to leave the works to the professional while you carry on your daily routine.

Record Suspension (former pardon) with full Pardon service available.  We do record suspension application daily and inform you the progressing in due course.  If you plan to revive yourself, record suspension is a positive way.


Ace Fingerprinting + CPIC name check Services
344 bloor St w, toronto
43 coppard ave, markham
55 Nugget Avenue, Scarborough
Digitial or electronic fingerprinting



         Please bring the following pieces of ID with you.


A minimum of 2 pieces of current government issued IDs are required. One must have have a photo ID.

The following are accepted identification forms:

  • Driver License
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Residence Card
  • Federal, Provincial & Municipal ID card
  • Military or Military Family ID card
  • Certification of native Indian status
  • Canadian National Institute of Blind (CNIB)
  • Firearm license
  • Student identity card
  • Immigration papers, Working Permit, Student Permit, Visting Permit or Refugee claim
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Hospital card
  • Hunting licence
  • Fishing licence

(note:  Provincial Health card and Social Security number are not acceptable IDs.)