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  • Will the fingerprints stay on the file?

This is non-criminal fingerprinting application. Once your check is completed, nothing will stay on any file after 90 days..

  • When should we need fingerprinting?

When your name comes up similiar with another person, you may receive a letter from your prospective employers, government services or the likes to have a fingerprinting comparison in order to complete your file.

  • How do we know the fingerprinting being process successfully?

If you have no problem with your fingerprinting, there will be a successful quotation on your file, otherwise, we will call you to correct the problem within 24 hours. There is also a RCMP inquiry phone line to check your file status.

  • When can I get the fingerprinting report?

If you have no criminal record, RCMP usually can process your fingerprinting within 72 hours and will mail the report to your home address. However, if you have convictions, more time is needed to verify your file, the process may take up to 120 days.


CPIC Name Check

  • When can I get back CPIC name check?

It takes approx 1 day to process. We will call you when ready. Also we can mail to your home address. The mailing time takes 1-3 days.


Other services

  • Do you have full Record Suspension (Pardon) service?

Yes, we proivde full Record Suspension (former Pardon) service. The length of time varies from each person. It is perferable to make an appointment.

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